I'm a graduate student at Arizona State University, Tempe Campus.
Currently pursuing a Master of Computer Science Degree
I am interested in software development; eagerly looking for a full time position in a creative and professional working environment.
Experienced with developing, maintaining and supporting application programs using JAVA/Python/JS and related tools.


Arizona State University

Started Fall 2016
Tempe, AZ USA
I currently attend college here. My current coursework includes Foundations of Algorithms, Multimedia and Web Databases and Software Design.

Mobileum India Pvt. Ltd.

Apr 2015 - June 2016
Gurgaon, India
A startup where I learned about taking up responsibilities, utilizing the resources effectively and complete module ownerships. A steeper learning curve.

Samsung Research Institute

June 2013 - Feb 2015
Noida, India
My first full time job where I had hands on approach on the Android application framework which gave me a good insight about the architecture of an intensive design.

Velocity Software Solutions

December 2012 - Feb 2013
Noida, India
My first internship where I designed wordpress templates in photoshop specific to the clients needs. Taught me how to cater to client needs.

Harcourt Butler Technological Institute

Sep 2009 - May 2013
Kanpur, India
I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science from this college. I won several software designing events and all this while got me intrigued into programming.


Apr 1994 - Mar 2008
Kanpur, India
I went to this ICSE school in my hometown. This is where I got interested in computers and programming.

Some of my work

Configuration File Parser

February 2017

Created an INI Configuration File parser, that supports multiple data types like boolean, string and number individually and as lists. Override function available.

Paypal Opportunity Hack

Hackathon 1-2 October '16

Created an application for a non-profit organization MILK (Make an Investment in Love and Kindness) that helps to connect them with their volunteers and donors.

StudyAgorithms website


Developed and designed a website that provides lucid solutions to some of the most intricate problems. The website aims at explaining each problem from scratch.

StudyAgorithms App


Developed and designed an Android application for my website StudyAlgorithms. The app is designed that it feels analogous with the website. Constantly updating.

Excel Record Reader

October 2015

Created an input format reader for Hadoop that reads .xlsx files. You can use the framework to read the file one sheet at a time/one row at a time/one column at a time.

Buttery Progress Bar

October 2014

Created a buttery progress bar in Android that can be customized with several colors and speed. Gives a really nice loading effect that can be seen in the Gmail app.

Justified TextView Android

October 2014

By default the Android system does not support justified text view. This can be required sometimes and the framework provides the same TextView interface.

SPOJ Solutions


Just an archive of all my SPOJ solutions. Working on spoj is my part time hobby and I try to produce the best solutions taking the least amount of time and memory.

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